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We are working hard to be Tassie’s leading eco-friendly florist and hamper business. Eco and socially responsible floral design isn't always easy, but is something we are striving to achieve.

Where possible and seasonally dependent, we source our flowers and foliage, especially natives, from local Tassie growers.  Our cold Tasmanian climate does constrain us to importing from the mainland in winter, but we continue to grow our relationships with local growers where we can. Field to vase is the aim.

We have ceased using ribbons, plastic cellophane, and all single-use plastic accessories. Our floral designs are presented only as bouquets or in glass vases, which can be reused. We wrap our bouquets in naturally sewn hessian and have completely ceased using floral foam bricks. 

Floral foam is commonly used by florists for some vase and boxed arrangements. It is a single use product made from plastic. Floral foam is made from two chemicals considered to be hazardous to humans: phenol and formaldehyde. Although some is labelled as ‘biodegradable foam’, it does not meet Australian Standards for Biodegradable Plastic, and is designed for disposal in landfill only, not in soil, aquatic environments, compost or green waste. Floral foam breaks down into micro-plastics which studies have proven to be a major threat to human and wildlife health. We recognise as a florist to keep using floral foam is both lazy and destructive, so we don’t.

To ensure flowers stay fresh during transport we have switched from plastic cellophane to wet Biodegradable Flower Bags. Our cardboard gift hamper boxes are made from Australian made 100% recycled cardboard, which is also 100% recyclable. We hope our packaging of cardboard, hessian and jute string can be reused where possible.

We strive to separate our green and other waste and pay for our organic green waste to be collected for composting every week.